A Closer Look At Car Hire Excess Insurance And Why You Need It

Our recent blog exposed the many ways in which people can be ripped off while renting a car! In the piece, we touched on the benefits of car hire excess insurance and why it can save you €100’s on your rentals while abroad. In this week’s blog, we’ll be diving deeper into exactly how it works and the reasons why you really need it.

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“Car hire excess” is the amount you are responsible to pay towards repair costs if your rental vehicle suffers any damage while in your possession. The excess amount itself can vary between car hire providers and normally ranges between €500 and €2,000. Most holiday goers will unwittingly pay this amount when really they don’t have to. In a comparison study , we found that you can save over €150 against paying at the desk during a two week rental period. The car hire excess insurance we offer is designed to repay you the amount of any excess or repair costs you have to pay (up to the policy limit) under the terms of the rental agreement following damage to the rental vehicle.


Unlike many rental agents excess policy’s, the policy we offer also includes windscreen and window cover as well as cover if you lose your keys. Our Policy is available to residents of the Republic of Ireland aged between 21 and 84 years on the date of purchase who hold a full valid driving licence or full internationally recognised licence to drive a rental vehicle. Below are some of the FAQ’s we get on our cover.


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How much does it cost?

Our European daily cover starts from as little as €2.99 while our yearly cover starts at €49.99. You can also buy Worldwide daily cover from €4.49 or €65.99 for the annual option. Prices vary depending on your policy choice and optional extras so visit our website for more information.


What if the rental company refuse my cover?

It is a sales tactic of some car hire companies to try to force you to take out their excess policy by saying your Car Hire Excess policy is not valid or will not cover things like “Undercarriage” or “Loss of use”, this is incorrect. If the car hire company refuse your excess waiver policy, do not accept this and ask for management.


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What is SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance) and what do I need it for?

If your trip takes you through the USA, Canada, Caribbean or south Central America you may need to add this cover, as some countries (or states in the USA) only require a minimum level of liability from the car hire company. Our SLI covers you up to the amounts stated in the policy against costs which you become legally liable to pay in respect of bodily injury and damage to material property as a result of an accident whilst using the rental vehicle.


What other precautions should I take while renting my vehicle?

In addition to your excess cover, we always recommend the following when renting a car. Always have a good look around and make sure you get an employee of the rental company to confirm, in writing, any damage which may have been on the car before you drive it. Test functions such as reclining roofs. This especially applies at night; make sure you fully check the car including the roof and take photos of any blemishes before you drive away. Equally, be sure to complete a full inspection of the vehicle when you return the car, so to agree any charges with the car hire company before you return home. Take photos at this opportunity also so you’re backed up. For more on just how easy Carhireexcess.com insurance can be to use, watch to this interview with renowned travel writer, “The Travel Expert” on TV3.


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If at any stage you are having difficulty with the Car Hire company accepting the excess insurance or need help with anything then please contact us on 01 793 0416. For more on our policy documents and terms and conditions, click here.


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