Here’s Our Definitive European Road Trip Bucket List

There’s no better way to experience a country than by renting a car and hitting the open road. Europe in particular, has a diverse range of stunning drives to consider. To inspire your next big driving trip, we’ve put together our ultimate bucket list of European routes.


Ring Road, Iceland

Iceland is becoming hugely popular with tourists from all over. The countries natural beauty formed by its volcanoes and glaciers mean that the Ring Road (that circles the entire country) is a must once you can commit a few days to it. Stop at countless geysers, waterfalls and natural baths along the way. The route is best driven during the summer months when the roads are more forgiving.


Alpine Road, Germany

This road will take you all through the Southern Bavarian Alps. Stretching for 450km between Lindau and Berchtesgaden, you’ll find mountain lakes, historic villages, stunning views and world famous castles. The most famous castle, Schloss Hohenschwangau is well worth a stop for a few pictures on your way.


The Flower Route, The Netherlands

Famous for its tulip bulbs, the flower route takes in one of the countries densest areas of flower fields. At only 40 km in length, this road trip won’t take up too much time and can even be cycled. The best periods for flowering on the route are mid April and travel is advised on weekdays as weekend can be very busy.


The Basque Circuit, Spain and France

One of the best ways to see the cities of both Spain and France is the Basque Circuit. We recommend flying into Barcelona to experience the city for a few nights before renting your car to drive up to Bilbao. A quick stop off in Pamplona to see the running of the bulls in July would be an unforgettable experience before arriving to the Bilbao. From here you’ll set off along the coast finishing in the beautiful French city of Biarritz. Allow a week or 10 days to enjoy both the drive and each of the cities.


Trollstigen, Norway

Meaning “trolls footpath” in English, this route is like something out of a fairy tale. Part of the Norwegian Country Road 36, this segment includes 11 hairpin turns that descend a steep mountain. The route is closed during winter and autumn and this can be extended due to weather so make sure you keep this in mind. Make sure you make enough time to park up and enjoy the views like below!



North Coast 500, Scotland

This route takes in the very northern tip of Scotland and guarantees you some of the most beautiful nature imaginable. Perfect for campers but allow yourself a week to enjoy all of the lochs, beaches, villages and hiking trails. Seafood is also a major draw as all of the towns and villages along the coast offer the freshest catches to budding foodies.

Ancient Greek Road Trip, Greece

Greece is famous for its wealth of history and culture. What better way to see this then with a drive along its stunning coast. Starting in Athens, you will end up in Olympia, the home of the Olympic games. This route is approximately 350km and so split up the drive with a stop off at the beautiful city of Patras along the way.


Plenty to consider for that next European Trip away! Share your road trip experiences with us below!

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