The Most Useful Motoring Apps When Renting A Car

We now live in the age where you can book every element of your holiday from the palm of your hand! Flights, accommodation, meals and getting around can all be managed from your phone!

When it comes to renting a car though, which apps are key to ensure that you have the most convenient and cost effective time while renting on your holidays? The following are some of our favourites, especially for when you’ll be driving Stateside


Similar to SkyScanner, Cars-Scanner compiles a comparison of different rental brands and how much they charge for the rental you are after. Equally, apps like Expedia will provide this function. It’s essential that instead of just wandering into an airport rental office, you have compared the rates across different companies so you will know straight away if you are being ripped off!



Sat Nav

This may seem blindingly obvious but there are more options than just the companies Sat Nav or google maps on your phone. Rental companies can charge up to €12/$15 per day for a built in Sat Nav so google maps or a similar navigational tool is a no brainer. You can however, also pay a small yearly subscription to apps such as TomTom’s or Garmin as these give live speed trap warnings among other extra features. Roadtrippers is a US app that not only maps out your drive, but will give you details on the best places to stay, eat and take pictures along the way.


Gasbuddy (USA)

Now that you’ve gotten that beautifully priced rental and have your navigation system set up, your main expense will be keeping the car running. This is where “Gasbuddy” comes in. Just put your location or any upcoming city/area code into the app and it will direct you to the cheapest filling station nearby. This may seem like a lot of effort but particularly in the USA, driving long distances can run up a huge gas bill!


Repair Pal

If you find yourself in a fender bender while driving, Repair Pal will be on hand to ensure you stay aware of the resulting costs. If you’re insured, chances are you will be covered for any resulting damages but it’s always better to have some knowledge in case the rental company tries to slap you with a massive fee!


Music Apps

Driving should be a fun experience especially whilst on holidays! With this in mind, one of the most important apps we feel all drivers should have, is one for music! For example, Spotify can be provided by some rental companies as a dashboard app but if you are already a subscriber, then hook your tunes up with Bluetooth or an Aux chord and hit the road! Our top tip is to download local podcasts or playlists while driving abroad to get a feel for the culture of the places you find yourself in.



Any apps that you can’t live without when driving? Let us know in the comments below!






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