Here’s Our Ultimate United States Road Trip Bucket List

Having already listed our top European Road Trips last week, this week, we thought we’d go stateside! America spans 9.8 million kilometres of diverse terrain, most of which can be reached by highway. The highways are what sparked America’s love affair with motoring but where are the very best routes to jump in a muscle car on holiday and hit the open road?

Pacific Coast Highway

Consistently listed as one of the greatest drives in the world, the PCH spans from just south of San Francisco all the way down to LA and the Orange County! Stunning views of the coast are a constant thrill with famous landmarks such as the Bixby Bridge and The Big Sur being the most essential photo opportunities. The route is best served over a few days in which you can begin from San Francisco and stop off once in cities such as Monterey or Santa Barbara before dropping parking up in LA. For an even more authentic experience, you could rent a Harley Davidson and get that movie star feeling as you make your way down.


Natchez Trace Parkway

This lesser known route will take you from the depths of the Deep South in Mississippi up to the Honkey Tonk bars of Nashville Tennessee. Explore the Antebellum houses of the South and stop off in the lesser traveled towns in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee for a real taste of Southern hospitality and charm. We’d advise stopping off in Tupelo to see the humble home that Elvis was born in before having some southern soul food in the Blue Canoe┬ádive bar.

Black Hills

With an abundance of wildlife and scenery, this route will also give you the opportunity to stop and take in Mount Rushmore. Having been one of the major locations for the Goldrush in the early 1900’s (Deadwood is located here), there is also plenty to enjoy for the history buff!


Route 66

One of the most iconic roads in the world, route 66 runs all the way from Chicago to Santa Monica, CA. This is where American driving holidays began and although it is no longer frequented due to the much quicker interstate highways, it is home to a diverse range of roadside cafes, gas stations and bizarre attractions that once served its thousands of travelers. Allow for a 3 week holiday to take in Chicago, St Louis, Oklahoma, Cadillac Ranch and the Grand Canyon before finishing up in Hollywood.


Overseas Highway

Located at the very bottom of Florida near Miami, this highway stretches oversea and land all the way down to Key West (the most southern tip of the United States). With almost guaranteed sunshine, you will enjoy the views as you travel over the keys. Each of the stops along the way also offer a wealth of family attractions, sea food and wildlife. Spend a day on South Beach when you’ve completed the drive and grab a lobster roll in DJ’s Clam Shack.


Hatcher Pass

One of the colder northern routes, Hatchers Pass will take you along the perfect path to see the nature of Alaska. Best driven in spring or summer as the snow will have passed. This is one for the more adventurous traveler as the area boasts plenty of hiking trails, extreme sports and State Parks to take in whenever you find yourself not behind the wheel.


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